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Welcome to Kanchan Aashiyana

As rightly put in words, the big and sound buildings are built if the foundation is strong. Concise story about how foundation got laid down on some vibrant thoughts that builds a great organization.

As recollected by Reeta Pathak, founder of Kanchan Aashiyana: “Ever since her child hood she wanted to be happy and use to search for the ways how she can keep her family members and friends happy. In the same quest she use to interact a lot with people of all age groups and use to ask a lot of questions.
She realized very late that she enjoys the moment she spent teaching kids of her servant, the most, during her entire day and the second best moments were spent interacting with anyone who came to their house for begging or asking for some help. Being a nature lover only thing that always came to her mind was about clouds that show poured water on all barren land and convert that into lush green fields and a miracle should happen to eradicate all problems of the needy people.

Turning point in the life came during her visit to Bombay, she was enjoying her moments with the parents at the Juhu beach, riding a horse, when she saw a small kid selling balloons. She like other child wanted all those balloons, which her parents bought her and she flew them in air. The little boy was pretty happy to have sold all those, but was looking with amazing face when they were let loose in the sky.

His looks left her thinking about the state of mind of that boy. She stepped down from the horse and rest of her day went in thinking about that boy. It really was troubling her that why at the same age, she is capable of buying things for her happiness and that boy was selling those balloons for making his livelihood, why can’t he also enjoy like her and be happy.

These thoughts kept on haunting her for few days and went in some corner of her mind as a daunting memory. She grew up with the foot prints of such small memories and completed her course in fashion designing degree, to get married. Her passion towards life kept on growing with the age.

What People Say About Us

  • Ankit Roy

    You have given the strength and support to accept and work on my child’s problem; with every improvement I have seen in my Son, I bless you for your hardwork. Before meeting you I was all depressed and did not know how to make my child’s condition better.
  • Ravi Om

    Great work for the upliftment of differently abled children


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